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Epic Works takes abuse reports very seriously. Abuse reports are welcome from any user or ISP who feels that any of our customers is violating our policies, general Internet etiquette, or standard process. Use this form if:

  • You have received unsolicited commercial e-mail (Spam) originating from any of our outgoing mail servers or Web servers.
  • You have received unsolicited commercial e-mail (Spam) advertising any Epic Works hosted Web site- even if not sent from the Epic Works network.
  • You have received attempts to log in to, 'hack', or attack another system on the Internet that has not been authorized
  • You have attempted to unsubscribe from a mailing list belonging to one of our customers and have been unsuccessful in doing so and have not received a response from the list owner.
  • You have been subscribed to a mailing list of an Epic Works customer without providing your e-mail address to the party. Epic Works does not permit purchasing/renting/mining lists, so this is against our policies.
  • You are recieving viruses from an Epic Works customer via our e-mail gateways and wish for us to notify or disable the customer.

Do not use this form if:

  • An e-mail was received with an Epic Works hosted domain name in it's From address that did not originate from the Epic Works network, unless it advertises an Epic Works hosted web site. Many viruses/Spammers will use random e-mail addresses to send mail. Nothing can be done.
  • You have, or may have subscribed to a mailing list of one of our customers, and wish to be removed without contacting the mailing list owner directly.

Please e-mail your report, including the complete e-mail (including mail headers) to abuse a-t epicworks d-o-t com for review. A response will be provided as soon as possible.

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